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Text Snippets Organizer

Universal Text Snippet Manager

PhraseExpress® organizes your frequently used text snippets in customizable categories for instant access.

PhraseExpress can save hours of typing in technical support, customer care, help desk , call center and medical transcription .

Client-/Server Architecture

PhraseExpress can share boilerplate templates for all users in a company network.

Microsoft SQL support PhraseExpress supports Microsoft and Firebird SQL database connections for use in corporate networks.

Citrix compatible Citrix/TerminalServer is supported within a TS session and on the host computer.

The access rights system allows users to share phrases with other users or workgroups and keep personal templates private.

Cross-Platform Support

Cross-Platform Support

Work faster everywhere !

PhraseExpress is available for Windows and the Autotext App for Android provides the productivity benefits on tablet or smartphone devices. The Text Expander App for iPhone and macOS version as a TextExpander alternative saves typing on your Mac, too.

* Features advertised throughout this webpage refer to the Windows version, unless specified otherwise.

Multi Language Phrases

The next level of phrase management

PhraseExpress organizes phrases not only in a folder structure but also in multiple dimensions .

The same phrase library can instantly be switched into different languages , making it an ideal solution for international multi-language call centers!

Macro Automation

Save yourself from tedious work

PhraseExpress integrates a powerful Macro Recorder to record and playback repetitive tasks.

Macro functions can embed time and date stamps, perform calculations, external data into a phrase.

Input forms collect user input which is embedded into the boilerplate template before text insertion.

Document Generator

Document Generator

The Document Generator creates complete documents based on boilerplate templates with just a few clicks.

Universal Autotext

PhraseExpress expands text abbreviations into long phrases. This Autotext feature works in any Windows program.


PhraseExpress automatically recognizes repetitive input and auto-completes full sentences on demand.

Customizable Templates

Elektronic forms collect manual input, that is processed and embedded into your templates.

Dynamic Templates

External data can be embedded into phrases to create dynamic templates .

System-wide Spelling Correction

The system-wide spelling correction corrects typing mistakes in multiple languages as you type.

Email Signature Manager

PhraseExpress centrally manages email signature templates  for use with any mail program, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes or Thunderbird.

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

MS Outlook Integration

The Outlook Add-In auto-inserts email saluations and suggests answering templates based on the email context.

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Native MS Word Support

PhraseExpress can store phrases with native Microsoft Word formatting and embedded Excel spread sheets.

Clipboard Manager

The Clipboard Manager keeps recently copied clipboard contents for quick access and insertion into any application.

Cloud Synchronization

Keep your phrases in sync on all computers over the internet with encrypted cloud synchronization .

Portable Text Expander

PhraseExpress is a portable text expander and can run from an USB thumb drive for use on any computer. главная rss sitemap html link